No. 36 - p37

APRIL 1971


    "A large installation of electric plant and machinery is being supplied to the Greenside Mining Company, Cumberland. The electric locomotive which we illustrate forms part of that plant, and has been built by the General Electric Power and Traction Company, of 35, New Broad Street, London, at their works at Kentish Town. The locomotive is for underground use, the road on which it runs being in some places as narrow as 32 inches, the gauge of the rails being 22 inches. It was found impossible in the small space available to place the motor across the frame with its shaft parallel to the axles, so it was arranged parallel to the rails. Three reductions of gearing are employed, one necessarily being through bevel gearing. The whole framework of the machine is hinged from the driving axle, which is made exceptionally strong for the purpose, the weight on the other wheels being taken through strong spiral springs on the top of gunmetal axle-brasses. The lmmisch motor was chosen owing to the protection afforded to the field windings by this type of machine. The motor is series wound for a difference of potential of 200 volts, and develops 15 brake horse-power at 1,000 revolutions per minute. The length of the road is 1,200 yards, and the current is collected from two bare copper wires carried on insulators overhead. The E.M.F. is reduced from 500 volts to 200 volts by means of a motor transformer placed at one end of the line .....         (Iron, 2nd September 1892. KPP)

    "A surface training circuit for underground diesel drivers in the Doncaster area of the NCB has been opened at the [Hickleton] colliery. The circuit has points, gradients and curves, and is intended to train loco drivers to handle their locomotives under all conditions. Drivers receive both practical and theoretical instruction on all aspects of the job."     (Colliery Guardian, September 1968. KPP)