No. 36 - p42-43

© APRIL 1971

Australia (1)  Peko-Wallsend Coal Company 14. ex South Maitland Railway (Proprietary) Ltd 14, shunting at Maitland Road, near Hexham, New South Wales, in July 1969. Avonside 0−8−2T 1559 of 7908.  (B. D. Whebell)

Australia (2)  Coal & Allied Industries 5, ex J&A Brown’s Richmond Vale Railway, at Hexham, in July 1969. Beyer Peacock 2604 of 7885, which worked on the Mersey Railway in England as No. 4 GLADSTONE until sold in 1907, is stored awaiting preservation. A/though cut back to just a shadow of its former extent and with much reduced services, the RVR was still 100 per cent steam in July 1969.     (B. D. Whebell)

Australia (3)  Another picture of Peko-Wallsend 14, also taken in July 7969.     (B. D. Whebell)

Australia (4)  South Maitland Railway (Proprietary) Ltd 28 on an up coal train approaching East Greta Junction, New South Wales, in 1966. Beyer Peacock 2−8−2T 6138 of 1922. The SMR, fully steam operated in July 1959, ran a passenger service with diesel railcars for some years, but this was dropped a while ago.     (B. D. Whebell)