No. 25 - p65

JUNE 1969


    In the Editorial of RECORD 17 we mentioned the existence of the Yieldingtree Railway Museum, only to find it had closed down by the time that particular issue was received from the printers. However, we are pleased to report (albeit with some trepidation !) that the Museum is to be reopened as the Somerset Railway Museum on 7th June 1969. GWR 1338, the industrial type Kitson 0-4-0 saddle tank, will be the centre-piece of the exhibition, and it is hoped that other large items will arrive during the year. The Museum, at Bleadon & Uphill station, Weston-super-Mare, will be open from 14-30 to 18-00 on Saturdays only from 7th June 1969 to 4th October 1969. We wish it every success.

    On page 329 of RECORD 21 Trevor Rowe mentioned that the railway equipment used at the 1967 Orleans Flower Show was up for sale in France. Evidently there were no takers for we noted a "small ad" in (of all places) the Railway Modeller, April 1969 issue, reading :- "FOR SALE: 2ft gauge rolling stock. Two Henschels [sic] locomotives in good condition; 24-seat trailers. Write to Association Florale Orleanaise ". No doubt the advertisement would have had more impact had it been stressed that the Henschels were steam locomotives - and attractive ones at that, as our photograph on page 329 shows only too well. In the interests of preservation we hope someone is minded to rescue them.

    Readers have commented favourably on the "new look" of the RECORD but its arrival coincided with some difficulties. When we decided to completely eradicate the old typeface as from the first issue of Volume 3, it was necessary to convert some articles from "old style" to "new style" rather hastily to meet our Press Date. Unfortunately the gremlins attacked both printer and proof reader and this resulted in a number of typographical errors in RECORD 23. One gathers that commercial publications in general are not always pleased to publish corrections and the subject seems to be dead once the immediate succeeding issues have appeared. We have always attempted to establish a high standard of accuracy in the RECORD and invite your co-operation in reporting any error you may see. Corrections to RECORD 23 appear below, or will be covered in the "Dear Sir" columns of future issues. And as regards comment and discussion we have no wish to disappoint contributors or readers by curtailing it with the use of "This correspondence is now closed". If an article is good enough to publish in the first place, we consider it a dis-service not to publish any further information it attracts. We invite your letters and articles on any industrial topic.

ERRATA. We have omitted mention of the more obvious spelling errors in RECORD 23, including cases where the final "s" was omitted - or added - and also full-stops for commas, or v.v. Identification is by page no/para no/line no.

    2/1/4 Hawthorne should read Hawthorns; 2/1/4 Westhorpe s/r Westthorpe; 2/1/5 undebted s/r indebted; 2/2/1 anhillation s/r annihilation; 2/3/7 1854 s/r 1864; 3/5/2 LSMR s/r LMSR; 3/7/2 of s/r or; 8/2/26 realising s/r releasing; 8/2/28 after "Terriers" add were; 20/3/1 Rotheram s/r Rotherham; 22/6/3 Air s/r Sir; 26/3/6 out s/r our; 26/5/1 after where add an; 30/2/3 name s/r named. The caption to the upper photograph on page 25 relates to the lower photograph on page 27, and vice-versa.