No. 18 - p218-219

APRIL 1968




    The formation of Dorman Long & Co brought under one ownership the largest number of Kitson 14in four coupled tanks. Pocket Book K made a valiant effort when dealing with these locos but doubts remain. Kitson 2362 and 2363 at Newport Works were built new with well tanks only and acquired saddle tanks very late in life. Of the other Newport Works locos, Kitson 3882, 4737 and 4945 and also 5020 at Cleveland) are listed as 040TST - i.e. side and saddle tanks. I doubt whether these had well tanks when new since by the time they were built the Kitson 14in saddle tank design had become well known. However I am open to correction on this point. One thing we can be sure of is that none ever had a side tank. A study of the illustrations will reveal why. They show Kitson 2363 as built (a later photo shows the sandbox on the running plate), 30 in "standard" form, and 29 with a new full length tank. I should conclude by noting that after World War 2 several were completely rebuilt with new frames, boilers and tanks, so resembling the standard 14in Hawthorn Leslie design.