No. 15 - p100-101




    A mixed bag this time. Below is a Fletcher Jennings (or Lowca) 0-4-0 side tank, the original print being in the Club collection without identification details. The irritating thing is that it differs in various points from the Lowca-built locomotives at Betchworth (Dorking Greystone Lime Co Ltd), Newark (Cafferata & Co Ltd), Winsford (Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd), Inverkeithing (Caldwell's Paper Mills Co Ltd), and Dallam Forge (Lancashire Steel Corporation Ltd), and yet there were not all that many examples from this builder about. A long cylindrical drum appears in the background of the photograph, and I shall be pleased to have any suggestions as to where it was taken.

    A mistake in Pocket Book L (page L29), in the list for Dorman Long & Co Ltd, Parson Byers Quarry, is ascribing Anderson of Carfin as the builder of HARE. I have never seen any mention of Anderson as a builder and am quite sure that nobody else has. However comparing photographs of HARE (below, upper) and the Gibb & Hogg of Montague L. Meyer Ltd, Widnes (below, lower), there is a startling likeness. The chimneys are identical, and the safety valves on an earlier picture of HARE are also identical down to the finest point. The tank contours agree and so do the contours of the smokebox saddle. The cab sides are identical and it is significant that the plate HARE agrees with the dimensions of a Gibb & Hogg one. A minor feature is the stanchion over the cylinder which is present in an earlier photograph of HARE. The number 219 was found on HARE, and it would be interesting to know what this was in a Barclay or Grant Ritchie list for she may have been rebuilt twice. However, my bet is that HARE was built by Gibb & Hogg.