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    This locomotive was one of three (the others were Bagnall 1655 of 1901, and Hunslet 365 of 1885) used in the construction of the 2ft 6in gauge Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway by the contractor, John Strachan of Cardiff. It was an 0−4−0 side tank with 5in diameter outside cylinders, outside main frames, outside raised leaf springing and wooden block buffers. A feature of the locomotive was that the side tanks, which ran the full length of the boiler and smokebox, had rounded bottom sections and followed the contour of the boiler. They did not extend the full depth to meet the running plate and they could well be designated side pannier tanks.

    J. STRACHAN No.8, photographed on the Banwy Bridge in 1902, worked on the W. & L.L.R. between 31st May 1901 and 4th April 1903. It was offered for sale at an auction held at the Standard Quarry, Welshpool, on 15th May 1903, on completion of the contract.

    I have been unable to identify this locomotive. The design of the side tanks indicates that it may have been built by Sharp Stewart, but other suggested builders include Falcon and Black Hawthorn. On 14th July 1909 the executors of the late John Strachan offered three locomotives for sale at Cardiff - two standard gauge six wheels coupled by Manning Wardle and one 2ft 6in gauge four wheels coupled by Hudswell Clarke. Whether the Hudswell Clarke was J. STRACHAN No.8 is rather an open question. Comments and any further information (via the Editor) would be welcomed.