Other Industrial Railway Societies and Magazines

 (Updated 20 March 2014)

From time to time other railway and industrial history magazines carry articles that may be of interest to the industrial railway enthusiast. Below are a list of articles in recent issues of such magazines that we feel may be of such interest to visitors to our site.

Archive No.78 (June 2013)                                                                                                www.lightmoor.co.uk
Cheaper Than A Horse - The Standard Gauge Simplex Petrol Shunter pp30-39 (The story of small industrial locomotives)

Archive No.80 (December 2013)                                                                                         www.lightmoor.co.uk
The Last Years of Industrial Locomotive Building (Part 1) pp2-14 (The first part of an article surveying the last years of building new industrial steam locos  in the UK)
Air Pictures - Discovering & Cataloguing a Unique Archive pp20-35 (A short article about a collection of excellent aerial photographs of some industrial sites in the UK, taken in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The first selection show Hodbarrow Mines and Roanhead Mines in Cumbria and are mentioned here as they show something of the site's internal railway layout)
Purbeck Narrow Gauge pp42-45 (six photos of the narrow gauge clay railways on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset taken in the 1950s)

Backtrack (August 2013)                                                                                 www.pendragonpublishing.co.uk
Polkemmet Colliery pp452-453 (Four colour photographs of steam working in the 1970s)

(January 2014)                                                                                www.pendragonpublishing.co.uk
Open House at Longmoor pp24-27 (A short article recalling the last two official open days on the Longmoor Military Railway in 1968 & 1969, with six colour photos)

LOK Report 6/2013 (German language)                                                                                   www.lok-report.de
Die normalspurigen Dampflokomotiven des Gaswerks Berlin-Mariendorf pp4-11 (A history of the two 0-6-0WT locos at Berlin gasworks. Illustrated with a number of photographs, some in colour, plus a site plan and scale drawings of the "Prussian T3" type locos).

LOK Report
7/2013 (German language)                                                                                    www.lok-report.de
Grubenanschlussbahnen des deutshen Steinkohlenbergbaus 2012 pp4-19 (The yearly survey of developments in the private railway systems of Germany's hard-coal mines (Ruhr & Saar) and their loco fleets, with a list of changes to loco allocations)
Die normalspurigen Dampflokomotiven des Gaswerks Berlin-Mariendorf - Part 2  pp20-29 (A history of a further three steam and fireless locos with a complete loco list)

NB. A limited number of copies of these LOK Reports are available at £4.50 each including postage from:

Stan Robinson, 47 Waverley Gardens, London, NW10 7EE (Telephone: 020-8961-2145)

Narrow Gauge Downunder No.50 (July 2013)                                            www.narrowgaugedownunder.com
Baldwin saddle tank locomotives of the Kiama Tramway pp31-35 (A short history of two 2ft 0in gauge 0-4-0ST locos, with extensive 1:48 scale CAD drawings)
Train Operations on Queensland's Cane Railways pp36-40 (A general survey of train operating methods on the state's many narrow gauge sugar cane railways)
Off The Beaten Track pp41-43 (An article about the use of articulated steam locos on the 2ft 6in gauge Tyers Valley Tramway, a logging railway in Victoria)

Narrow Gauge Downunder No.51 (October 2013)                                     www.narrowgaugedownunder.com
Train Operations on Queensland's Cane Railways - Part 2: Mills and Safeworking pp27-33 (An article on handling cane trains on the 2ft gauge sugar mill rail systems in Queensland. Includes three track plans of mill systems)
Off The Beaten Track pp39-41 (An article about the 3ft 6in gauge electric mine railway operated by Broken Hill Proprietary Company at Iron Knob in South Australia).

Narrow Gauge Downunder No.52 (January 2014)                                      www.narrowgaugedownunder.com
The Rottnest Island Tramway pp20-25 (The 42inch gauge railway used to install a defensive gun battery on this island off the Western Australian coast near Freemantle in 1935. The military disposed of the system in 1966)
Train Operations on Queensland's Cane Railways Part 3: Interacting with Queensland Rail pp32-37 (Various transhipment methods between the narrow gauge cane systems and the 3ft 6in gauge public rail system)
Off The Beaten Track pp43-45 (An article about the 2ft gauge Red Cliff Pumps tramway of the State Rivers & Water Supply Commission of Victoria)

Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette (July/August 2013)                                               
The Surry, Sussex & Southampton Story - Part 4: The 'Jacks'  pp46-52 (The fourth part of the history of this 3ft gauge logging line in Virginia (USA), covering their four Baldwin 2-8-0 main line locos. With detailed 1:48 scale plans of No.10, built 1898)
Vulcan Iron Works 2-Ton Gas Locomotive pp57-59 (Some details of this 2ft gauge petrol-mechnical industrial loco, built in 1926, the only one of its type that the firm built. With 1:24 scale drawings of the loco)
Western Wheeled Scraper Company - 6-Ton Industrial Four-Wheeler p61 (Photos and 1:24 scale drawings of a typical American small 4-wheel flat car, of 3ft gauge)

Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette (September/October 2013)                                  www.ngslgazette.com
The Surry, Sussex & Southampton Story - Part 5: 'Train Number Two' - Passenger Trains pp49-53 (The fifth part of the history of this 3ft gauge logging line in Virginia (USA), covering the passenger trains. With detailed 1:48 scale plans of Combination Car #1)

Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette (November/December 2013)                                www.ngslgazette.com
The Surry, Sussex & Southampton Story - Part 6: Pocahontas & the Praires pp47-53 (The sixth part of the history of this 3ft gauge logging line in Virginia (USA), covering their four Baldwin 2-6-2 main line locos, and their river steamer "Pocahontas". With detailed 1:48 scale plans of No.24, built 1920)
US Army, Ft. Benning Passenger Cars pp58-61 (The story of the passenger coaches on the 600mm gauge internal railway used at this military base in Georgia. With detailed 3/8" = ft scale drawings of one of the "Style 1" cars)
West Side Lumber Company Jitneys - Prototype & Models pp78-82 (Includes a photo and 1:48 scale drawings of the 3ft gauge vehicles used on a logging line in California. A "jitney" is basically similar to a British 'Wickham')

Narrow Gauge World (November/December 2013)                                               www.atlanticpublishers.com
The less-than-Magnificent Seven pp18-21 (The story of the Bagnall articulated steam locos, all but one of which were supplied to South African sugar cane railways)
Java - 'Oh Yeah!' pp24-26 (Report of a recent visit to the remaining steam on the narrow gauge cane railways of Java, Indonesia)

Railway Archive
No.41 (December 2013)                                                                       www.lightmoor.co.uk
Military Hospitals on Salisbury Plain, their Railways in the First World War and their Locomotives pp29-46 (The story of the various private railways serving military hospitals on Salisbury Plain (Dorset). This not only covers the railways themselves, but also the contractors that built them. It includes details of the known contractor’s locos and also the locos used by the military to operate the Fovant line)

Railway Bylines
Vol.18 Issue 3 (February 2013)                                                            www.irwellpress.co.uk
The Vespa Diaries - 10 Bowaters 30 July 1968 pp104-111 (Ten photographs of the narrow gauge system at the Sittingbourne, Kent paper mill)

British Aluminium Burntisland pp112-115 (six photos showing two Pecketts at work on 20th September 1968)
Rugby Cement: An Early Diesel p118 (Two photographs of HC D604  at Southam Works in October 1956)
British Waterways at Sharpness Docks p137 (Two photos of  AE 0-4-0ST working in 1959).

Railway Bylines Vol.18 Issue 4 (March 2013)                                                                  www.irwellpress.co.uk
Bagnall - Industrials Par Excellence pp154-163 (The story of WB 2994 - 2996, supplied to The Steel Company of Wales in 1951, two of which later went on to be VICTOR and VULCAN at the Austin, Longbridge Works)
The last Welsh outpost of colliery steam pp178-182 (Seven photos taken in 1981 and 1983 at Marine Colliery of MENELAUS (P 1889) the last steam loco to work in the NCB  coalfield).
London's Dock Railways - Part 1 The Isle of Dogs and Tilbury pp184-185 (Five photos taken from the new book of that title)
Springfield Tileries Revisited pp186-191 (Twelve photographs taken c1968 to 1973 of the 2ft 0in gauge system at the works of Wheatley & Co. near Stoke-on-Trent)
Granite City Gas Works pp192-193 (Three photographs of AB 2239 at Aberdeen Gas Works, taken on 13th June 1960)
The Vespa Diaries 11: Bowater Passengers pp194-197 (Six photographs of the passenger service on Bowater's railway system at Sittingbourne, taken in the mid 1960s).

Railway Bylines Vol.18 Issue 6 (May 2013)                                                                     www.irwellpress.co.uk
Irish Sugar pp268-269 (Three photos of steam locos at Mallow Sugar Factory, Republic of Ireland)
Brown Bayleys Steel Works  pp288-291 (six photographs of 0-4-0ST locomotives at the Sheffield steel works)
Bristol Fashion pp292-293 (Three photos of steam working at Avonmouth Docksl, taken in 1958)
Going Round in Blue Circles pp294-295 (Two photographs of steam working in the quarry of APCM's Shipton-on-Cherwell Cement Works)
The Vespa Diaries 14: SYBIL & AMALTH∆A, Gilfach Ddu pp296-297 (Three photographs of the locomotives in steam at the Gilfach Ddu interchange of the Dinorwic slate quarries on 27th July 1960)

Railway Bylines Vol.18 Issue 7 (June 2013)                                                                     www.irwellpress.co.uk
BPCM Wouldham Works pp310-311 (4 photos of steam locos outside the shed taken in July 19590
Darwen & Mostyn Ironworks & Docks pp322-325 (6 photos of locos).
The Vespa Diaries - 15. On Shed at Gretton Brook pp329-329 (6 photos of steam locos at Gretton Brook Shed which served the iron ore quarry system at Corby, taken on 2nd September 1967)
A Lancashire Outpost in Nottinghamshire - Manton Colliery at Worksop pp330-331(Three photos of steam, taken in October 1953)

Railway Bylines Vol.18 Issue 8 (July 2013)                                                                    www.irwellpress.co.uk
Pecketts and People p366 (Two photos of Peckett 0-4-0ST locos working at locations in North Kent)
SIRAPITE p367 (A large photo of AP 6158 in steam at the works of Richard Garrett Leiston, Suffolk in the 1950s).
Harton Electric Railway - 7 September 1968: Part 1 pp368-375 (A short history of the electrically worked coal mine system in South Shields, with photos taken during an open day in September 1968)
Corby Iron & Steel Works pp378-383 (A selection of photos taken in the early 1950s of the steam locos that worked at the steel works).

Railway Bylines Vol.18 Issue 9 (August 2013)                                                                www.irwellpress.co.uk
Harton Electric Railway - 7th September 1968: Part 2 pp404-411 (Mostly consisting of photos of the loco fleet on that day, plus a large scale OS map of part of the Westoe area)
The Vespa Diaries - 16. Bowaters 25 April 1966 pp414-417 (6 photos of the locos seen at Bowater's paper works in Sittingbourne)
The Sixteen Inch Cylinder Bagnall Industrial Locomotives : 1 pp432-439 (A survey of the big industrial tank locos Bagnall built before and after WW2)
Holiday Travel pp440-441 (Four photos of the 18 inch gauge Bicton Woodlands Railway in Devon, taken in the summer of 1964)

Railway Bylines Vol.18 Issue 10 (September 2013)                                                        www.irwellpress.co.uk
The Sixteen Inch Cylinder Bagnall Industrial Locomotives: 2 pp445-464
Waltham Quarries pp486-487 (Three photos of the metre gauge locos DREADNAUGHT, NANTES & CAMBRAI )
The Vespa Diaries - 17 APCM Swanscombe pp488-491 (7 photos of the 0-4-0ST locos working at the cement works, between 1966 & 1970)

Railway Bylines Vol.18 Issue 11 (October 2013)                                                          www.irwellpress.co.uk
The Chapel Tramway:1 pp504-511 (The first part of a history of this private industrial railway serving wharves on the River Itchen in Southampton, with two large scale OS maps of the area)
The Sixteen Inch Cylinder Bagnall Industrial Locomotives : 3 pp528-537 (The concluding part of this survey of these big industrial tank locos Bagnall built before and after WW2)
The Vespa Diaries - 18 pp540-541 (Three photos of  6 (0-6-0ST Peckett) at Ford's Dagenham works during a RCTS visit on 25th May 1968)

Railway Bylines Vol.18 Issue 12 (November 2013)                                                        www.irwellpress.co.uk
Austerity Graveyards pp560-561 (Three photos taken in July 1968 of NCB "Austerity" 0-6-0STs dumped and rusting at North Blyth and Ashington)
Eastwell - Part 1 The Incline pp568-575 (The history of Eastwell ironstone quarries in Leicestershire and their 3ft gauge internal system. The first part covers the gravity-worked incline that connected their line to BR. With a large scale OS map of the incline)
The Vespa Diaries - 19. Croydon 'B' Power Station pp576-577 (Three photos of the Peckett 0-4-0ST locos at the CEGB power station on 20th April 1971)
At Work in Surrey, On Show at Eastleigh pp578-581 (Three photos of the Fletcher-Jennings 0-4-0Ts "William Finlay" and "Baxter" at work at Dorking Greystone Lime Co., Betchworth in the 1950s and three more of "William Finlay" on display at an open day at Eastleigh Works in May 1983)
The Chapel Tramway: 2 pp590-597 (The concluding part of the story of this private industrial tramway in Southampton)

Railway Bylines Vol.19 Issue 1 (December 2013)                                                        www.irwellpress.co.uk
Biscuits for Britain: The Huntley & Palmers Railway - Part 1 pp4-15 (The story of Huntley & Palmers factory in Reading and its railway system. Includes a large scale plan of the site)
Granton Gas pp20-21 (Three photos of the steam locos at this Edinburgh gas works)
Ketton Cement pp22-28 (A photo feature on the diesel locos at this Rutland cement works in the early 1990s)
Eastwell - Part 2 The Shed pp36-41 (The concluding part of the article on the 3ft gauge system at this ironstone quarry near Melton Mowbray, near Leicestershire. It covers the loco shed near the top of their rope-worked incline, with photos of the sheds and the locos that were stored there in April 1961. Includes a map of the system)
Newton Chambers & Company pp42-47 (A selection of photos taken at Thorncliffe Colliery & Ironworks in the 1930s of the steam locos used by this company near Sheffield)

Railway Bylines Vol.19 Issue 2  (January 2014)                                                           www.irwellpress.co.uk
Samuel Williams & Sons Limited pp62-67 (Eight photos of some of the steam locos that Samuel Williams used at their dockside premises at Dagenham, Essex, taken in the late 1940's and early 1950's)
Biscuits for Britain: The Huntley & Palmers Railway - Part 2 pp68-75 (The concluding part of the story of Huntley & Palmers factory in Reading and its railway system. This part covers the later period of the works history, and their two fireless locos)
Hunslet - Building for Industry pp76-77 (Four photos of the inside of Hunslet's erecting shop in 1972 and of an "Austerity" 0-6-0ST being moved by crane in 1963)
ICI Witton pp78-81 (Six photos taken in 1947 and 1949 of the steam locos at this chemical works in Birmingham)
The Vespa Diaries - 20. Buckminster Quarry pp82-83 (Three photos of steam (2) and diesel (1) locos at the Buckminster ironstone quarry in Leicestershire in the 1960's)
Dorman Long Sentinels pp84-85 (Three photos of the 0-6-0 and 0-6-0+0-6-0 Sentinel steam locos at this Yorkshire steel works in the 1950's. Dorman Long was always a good customer of Sentinel steam and diesel locos)
Millwall Docks pp86-91 (A brief history of the railways at this part of the London docks complex. With a number of photos as the later days of steam operation in the docks)

Locomotives International Issue 89  (April/May 2014)                                                 www.locomotivesinternational.co.uk
Late Steam in Italy - A Second Selection pp6-10 (Eleven photos of some steam locos in industrial service in Italy, taken on an IRS trip in September 1974)
Tianjin Heavy Machinery Factory - a 2014 Outpost of Working Steam pp11-13 (A short feature on a industrial railway in China, with 4 photos and a track plan of the works)
Archive Foursome - Brazilian Industrials pp58-59 (Four photos of industrial steam, working and preserved, taken in 1976)
Porta's Other Projects - Porta's Fireless Locomotive pp60-61 (Some details of a proposal for an improved 0-6-0F by L.D.Porta from the 1970s, with a layout drawing)