Other Industrial Railway Societies and Magazines

 (Updated 23/05/2018 )

From time to time other railway and industrial history magazines carry articles that may be of interest to the industrial railway enthusiast. Below are a list of articles in recent issues of such magazines that we feel may be of such interest to visitors to our site.

Narrow Gauge World (June 2018)              www.world-of-railways.co.uk/narrow-gauge-world

"Secrets of Bihar Sugar" pp30-32
An article on this sugar mill in India, with colour photos of its metre and 2ft 0in gauge steam locos..

Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette (May/June 2018)                shop.whiteriverproductions.com

"Plymouth "Contractors" Locomotive" pp70-71
Detailed 1:24 scale drawings of a Plymouth 36" gauge, 2 ton loco, with a LeRoi 40hp gas (petrol) engine. The drawings are coloured, and include an isometric view of the loco and cut-aways showing the cab controls and the engine and transmission.

Narrow Gauge Downunder No.69 (April 2018)                www.narrowgaugedownunder.com

"Getting Cane into Queensland's Sugar Cane Mills - Rotary Tipplers" pp34-37
Some photos and a description of the rotary car tipplers used in sugar mills to unload cane cars at the mill, with
some suggestions on modeling them.

Steam Days (May 2018)                                steamdaysmag.keypublishing.com/

"Comrie Colliery and its railway" pp51-63
The history of this Scottish colliery's railway system. With 3 maps of the location, and a list of it's surface locomotives in the days of its original owner, the Fife Coal Co.Ltd., and the surface and underground 2ft 8in gauge locos in the days of the NCB.

Also other articles on mainline British railways.

Railway Bylines (May 2018)                                www.irwellpress.co.uk

"More Industrials in the North East" pp292-297
11 photos of various industrial steam and diesel locos working at various industries in the north-east of England in the 1950s and early 1960s.

"Pausing at Par" p298
2 photos of 0-4-0ST (Bagnall 2572) taken at Par Harbour in Cornwall on 26th May 1957, before it gained the nameplates for its previously unofficial name "JUDY".

Also other articles on other narrow gauge and branch line railways.

Railway Bylines (April 2018)                                www.irwellpress.co.uk

"On Tour with the Hepworth Iron Company" pp222-223
3 photos of the company's Yorkshire Engine Co. 799/04 hauling a RCTS railtour of their soon to close private 1.5 mile line, on 19th April 1960.

"DOROTHY Abandoned" p227
2 photos of Brush 301/1903 0-4-0PT dumped in the shrubbery at the works of Richard Thomas & Baldwin's Pontardawe works on 22nd July 1962.

"A Crewe Works Miscellany" pp234-235
3 photos, with extended captions, of various works rail equipment, including 0-4-0VBT BP 2734/1886 from the Ince Forge in Wigan, stored here before going to the Manchester Museum of Science & Technology.

"Pontardulais - the last stronghold of 'The Austerity' in the South Wales Coalfield" pp236-241
A selection of photos of WB 2758/1944 and NORMA HE 3770/1952 in their last working days at this South Wales pit in 1976 & 1978; as well as one shot of the disused HE 3846/1956.

"Big Bagnalls for Staffordshire and South Wales 2" pp244-248
The later history of the big 0-6-0ST & 0-4-0ST locos built for Cannock Colliery and GKN's Margam Steelworks, with 8 large photos of the locos.

Also other articles on other narrow gauge and branch line railways.

Archive No.97 (March 2018)                     www.lightmoor.co.uk

"Horse Haulage in the South Wales Coalfield - The Final Decade : Part 5" pp34-48
A brief article on horse haulage of tubs at Nant Fach Colliery, with a selection of colour photos of the horses - 'Dobbin' & 'Patch' - at work on the surface section before its closure in 1998, and 'Patch' in retirement.

"Three Gauges at Holborough" pp56-64
The story of the railway system at Holborough Cement Works in Kent, which had three
separate lines of standard, 3ft and 2ft gauges. The article includes photos of a number of their locos and a large scale OS map of the works and its railways.

Also other articles on other industrial history subjects.

Railway Bylines (March 2018)                                www.irwellpress.co.uk

"Big Bagnalls for Staffordshire and South Wales 1" pp162-168
The first part of a series on big 0-6-0ST & 0-4-0ST locos built for the Cannock Colliery Co. and GKN's Margam Steelworks, with 9 large photos of the locos.

"The Croydon Steeple Cab" pp196-197
4 photos of the English Electric 4-wheel steeple cab electric loco that worked at the Croydon A power station from 1925 to 1959, when it was replaced by a steam loco.

"DEAN and Friend, 19 March 1959" p198
2 photos of DEAN (AE 1514/08) and AB 1333/14 at the Integrated Tinplate and Steel Works at New Dock, Llanelly, apparently on clearing-up duties after the works closure.

Also other articles on other narrow gauge and branch line railways.

Locomotives International Issue 112  (February/March 2018)                 www.mainlineandmaritime.co.uk

"Sandaoling - The Last "Greatest Steam Show"" pp7-9
large colour photos of steam locos at work at this opencast coalmine, just about the last big steam-worked operation in China.

Railway Bylines (February 2018)                                www.irwellpress.co.uk

"LANKY Narrow-Gauge at Horwich Works" pp112-118
8 large photos of the steam locos and a brief history of the 18" gauge internal system at the L&Y's Horwich Works.

"A Sentinel called Gradwell" p117
The history of Sentinel 9377 of 1947, first at Bolton Gas Works, and then for eighteen months on the private line to Whittingham Hospital. One photo of GRADWELL is also included.

"When Men Were Men" p121
A short history of P.W.Spencer's limestone quarry at Thornton-in-Craven, Yorkshire, which went bankrupt in 1937. Includes a photo of Manning Wardle 799 of 1881, and a section of the O/S map that covers the line.

"Some Industrial Oddities in Scotland" pp132-133
3 large photos of 0-4-0ST industrial steam locos in Scotland, from unusual builders.

"SNIPEY at Rest" p134
2 photos of the Neilson 0-4-0 crane tank 'Snipey' at the Hodbarrow Iron Mines at Millom in Cumbria.

"An Electric Cement Railway" p135
A large photo and extended caption on the self-propelled overhead electric bogie hopper wagon at BPCM's Johnson's Branch cement works at Greenhithe in Kent. 

Also other articles on other narrow gauge and branch line railways.

Railway Bylines (January 2018)                                www.irwellpress.co.uk

"Mountain Ash Memories" pp62-67
8 large photos and a brief history of the final days of this South Wales colliery, which had closed by 1980.

"Industrials North of the Border" pp78-84
12 photos of some of the industrial steam & diesel locos at work in Scotland in the 1950's & 60's.

"East Hedley Hope" pp85-87
A short history of this Scottish pit, which closed in 1959, and 2 large photos with extended captions, of "SILKSTONE" (a Manning Wardle 0-6-0ST), which worked here in the pit's last days.

"Bedlay Colliery" pp94-96
4 photos of steam in action at this Scottish pit, which closed in 1982.

Also other articles on other narrow gauge and branch line railways.

Narrow Gauge Downunder No.68 (January 2018)                www.narrowgaugedownunder.com

"Off The Beaten Track" pp48-51
An illustrated article about the 3ft 6in gauge railway system of the Australian Portland Cement cement works at Fyansford near Geelong in Victoria. The 6km line was constructed in 1926 and was finally replaced by a conveyor belt in 1967. The line used steam until the end, including an ASG 4-8-2+2-8-4 Garrat.

Narrow Gauge World (January/February 2018)              www.world-of-railways.co.uk/narrow-gauge-world

"Slow Train to Nabu" pp18-20
account on the current situation of the sugar cane railway on the north coast of Vanua Levu island in Fiji, which serves the sugar mill at Labasa.

"Statfold goes to Barbados..." pp21-23
A new tourist railway which is being constructed on the
Caribbean island of Barbados. The ex-Indonesian Jung 0-4-4-0T mallet "TJEPPER No.5",and the Hudswell-Clarke 0-6-0D "BADGER, that have been resident at Statfold Barn for some years, have now been sold to the owners of this new operation.

Railway Bylines (December 2017)                                www.irwellpress.co.uk

"Comrie Colliery" pp12-15
4 photos and a brief history of this Scottish colliery, which closed in 1986.

"Fairfield-Mabey Co." pp40-41
3 photos of some of the locos at Fairfield-Mabey's shipbuilding works in Chepstow.

"Some South Staffordshire Industrials: 2" pp42-47
10 photos of locos at various industrial railway locations in the 'Black Country'.

Also other articles on other narrow gauge and
branch line railways.

Archive No.96 (December 2017)                     www.lightmoor.co.uk

"Gas Works Narrow Gauge" pp2-11/64
A brief survey of narrow gauge steam locos (and a horse!) which were used in various coal gas works in the UK.

"The Rustons at Parc Level" pp30-44
The story of three Ruston-Hornsby diesel locos that were used on the 2ft gauge system at the former Parc Level Colliery, a small, private (non-NCB) pit, in the South Wales coalfield. The article contains a selection of colour photos of the locos and surface rail system taken in 1989-91, before its closure in 1993.

Also other articles on other industrial history subjects.

BackTrack (December 2017)                                                          www.pendragonpublishing.co.uk

"Shunting Dibbles Wharf" pp774-775.
5 colour photos of the ex-LSWR "B4" class 0-4-0T "CORRALL QUEEN" shunting at the coal yard of P.D. Fuels Ltd, at Dibbles Wharf in Southampton, taken in 1961 & 1972.

Also other articles on non-industrial railways.

Narrow Gauge World (November/December 2017)              www.world-of-railways.co.uk/narrow-gauge-world
"The First Public Railway?" pp32-35
The history of the Lake Lock Railroad near Wakefield in Yorkshire, a horse-worked 3ft 4in gauge line, which was formed in 1796 as a joint stock company. This puts it ahead of other claimants, such as the Surrey Iron Railway (1801).

Railway Bylines (November 2017)                                                        www.irwellpress.co.uk

"Mauchline Colliery, 16th August 1972" pp562-563
3 large photos of 0-4-0ST Andrew Barclay 1116/10 working at this Ayrshire colliery.The photos were all taken on November 1972.

"A Corby Tour" pp564-568
8 large photos of the steam locos and big Pen Green loco shed of the Corby iron ore railway system in Northamptonshire, taken during a RCTS tour on 2nd September 1967.

"Cement at Shipton on Cherwell" pp570-573
6 photos of steam on the quarry system at Shipton on Cherwell works of the Oxford & Shipton Cement Company, with a brief summery of the history of this works near Oxford. The photos appear to have all been taken in the 1960's.

"Some South Staffordshire Industrials: 1" pp584-589
10 photos of steam locos of the Cannock & Rugeley Colliery Co.Ltd., and their successors the NCB, who operated a large system of colliery railways in the 'Black Country'.

"The Pecketts of Wellingborough Quarries" pp594-596
5 photos taken in the 1960's of the Peckett-built 0-6-0T's which operated on the metre gauge iron-ore quarry system near the former Wellingborough Ironworks.

Narrow Gauge Downunder No.67 (October 2017)                www.narrowgaugedownunder.com

"Off The Beaten Track" pp54-57
An illustrated article about the 2ft gauge contractors tramway that was used during the construction of the Burrinjuck Dam in New South Wales. The line was 42km long and operated from 1908 to 1928, using four 0-4-0T locos built by Krauss of Munich.

"Queensland's Sugar Cane Mills" pp55-60
A summery of these mills, which used mostly 2ft gauge light railways. Includes a diagrammatic of the sugar refining process, and plans of the Moreton and Victoria Mills.

NG & Industrial Railway Modelling Review No.112 (October 2017)         narrowgaugeandindustrial.co.uk

" 'Peris' - A Dinorwic Enigma" pp358-362
Some theories about the early vertical-boilered 0-4-0 loco "PERIS", which was an early steam loco at the Dinorwic slate quarries in Snowdonia. Includes 1:32 scale drawings of the loco, based on interpretation of the only 2 surviving photos of the loco.

"Four East Midlands Ironsone Tramway - Part 4: The Scaldwell Tramways" pp373-377
The story of the two 3ft gauge railways, at the Staveley Iron Company's Hanging Houghton & Scaldwell ironstone quarries, the last of which closed in 1962. Includes a map of the two systems, and the nearby standard gauge Brixworth Tramway.

Also other articles about non-industrial narrow gauge subjects and modelling n.g. railways.

Railway Bylines August 2017                                                 www.irwellpress.co.uk

"North Yorkshire Iron & Steel - Two" pp416-419
A brief history of the Skinningrove Iron & Steel Works. With 7 photos of various 0-4-0ST steam locos at work, probably taken in the early 1960s.

"Around The Works; John Fowler & Co., Steam Plough Works, Leeds" pp420-425
Some notes on the history of this Yorkshire loco builder, with 12 official works photos of some of their diesel shunting locos, taken in 1949-52.

"A Wemyss Footnote" pp436-437
As a follow-on from the recent articles on the Wemyss Private Railway, in Scotland, these are 3 more photos of their 0-6-0T steam locos, with extended captions.

Also other articles on other narrow gauge and branch line railways.

The Narrow Gauge No.244 (Summer 2017)                        www.ngrs.org

"Light Railways of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force 1915-18 (Part 4: Railways in Palestine)" pp3-29
An account of the narrow gauge military railways used during the advance into Palestine in 1917, and the various Turkish railways that were captured and operated by the British Army.

"Alne Brick Company, Easingwold" pp33-35
An account of the 2ft gauge system at this brickworks near York, which is still operating, although the narrow gauge was lifted in 1986.

NG & Industrial Railway Modelling Review No.111 (July 2017)   narrowgaugeandindustrial.co.uk

"Spooner Proposed Locomotive" pp307-308
A short article on a small 2ft gauge 0-4-0T, proposed by Spooner & Co., but never actually built. Includes an original works drawing and a 1:43.5 scale (7mm = 1ft) drawing by Stuart Baker.

"W.G. Bagnall locomotives for Uruguay" pp312-317
A short article on Bagnall 1896, 1897, 1898 & 1913 of 1909 - four small 500mm gauge 0-4-0Ts supplied to the Central Uruguay Eastern Extension Railway, for construction purposes. Includes a selection of large scale maker's drawings of the locos and various parts, such as main frames, cab and motion.

Railway Bylines (March 2017)                                                           www.irwellpress.co.uk

"Pecketts North of the Border" pp162-163
4 photos of Peckett 0-4-0ST's in industrial service in Scotland.

"Postscript: New Cransley Iron and Steel 1957" pp170-173
In a follow up to a previous article, 3 photos of two steam and one 'Planet' petrol loco at Cransley Iron & Steel works, taken on 3rd July 1965.

"Manchester Ship Canal - Ellesmere Port" p190-193
Some notes and 5 photos taken around Ellesmere Port during railtours in 1957 & 1988.

"More Questions than Answers" pp194-196
5 photos of industrial steam locos, whose identity is still a mystery.

Also other articles on other narrow gauge and branch line railways.