IRS Email Contacts

The IRS is always interested to have any news about industrial and preserved locomotives and railways. If you can tell of closures, movements, sales, scrapings or other matters, we would be very glad to hear of these. For example this could be for arrivals/departures from preservation sites or locos seen in transit on the roads - any information is useful. If you have any such news for the UK, please could you pass it on to We will try to offer what help we can in with any queries you may have on what you saw.

The following IRS Officers are now online:-

A.C.Smith - Society Treasurer

Huw Williams - Society Secretary

Martin Shill - IRS "Bulletin" Editor

Huw Williams - "Overseas Bulletin" Editor

Robin Waywell - Hon. Records Officer

David Kitching - Members' Subscriptions

Ian Bendall - Hon. Assistant Records Officer
Ian has now take over all correspondence relating to historical matters on the industrial railways of the UK from the late Bob Darvill, and has said that he is willing to offer help with queries on this subject. He has also taken over
details of forthcoming open days and events involving industrial locos from Bob.

Any news reports on industrial locos be sent to Bob Darvill (Important - see below).

IMPORTANT - Sadly Bob Darvill passed away without warning on the 6th of December - the Committee are trying to find someone else to handle the above matters, but until then please don't post any emails to until further notice.

Adrian Booth - BR Locos in Industry Records Officer
Adrian Booth deals with all matters regarding ex-mainline locos sold off into industrial service.

Mick Morgan - Hon. Records Officer - Preservation News

Graham Feldwick - Non-Loco worked lines
Graham handles matters relating to industrial lines that did not have locomotives, but used horse- or man power, or various forms of haulage by fixed engines, such as cable power.

Ted Knotwell - Railtrack & Contractors

David Monk-Steel - Records Officer : Operations & Rolling Stock
Information about Industrial Railway rolling stock, (e.g. wagons and carriages) and about methods of operation can be exchanged with David, who would be pleased to receive details of wagons in industrial service, details of track layouts, and descriptions of signalling and control systems, etc. both current and historical , by Email or by post (His address appears in the current edition of the Bulletin). He will also try and answer queries about privately owned industrial wagons (internal users in works, factories and mines only please, not B.R.) if the information is available.

Rob Pearman - Society Archivist

Colin Billinghurst - Ministry of Defence Railways

Tony Telfer - Scotland

Andrew Waldron - Ireland (North & South)

Fred Pugh - Foreign Records Officer
Fred Pugh handles reports on all countries outside the British Isles, except for France, Germany, Austria & the 'Benelux' countries (see below)

Brian Rumary - German & Austrian Records Officer
(and Webmaster for this site [but NOT the eShop] )

Eric Fresné - French Records Officer

Simon Darvill - Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg Records Officer

Jeff Sanders, Industrial Railway Modelling
Jeff Sanders collates information relating to modelling industrial railways in all scales and gauges.