The Industrial Railway Record

The "Industrial Railway Record" is our society magazine, and contains a wide range of articles on all forms of industrial railways. As well as features on the history of various industrial systems and locomotives, we cover such matters as locomotive and rolling stock builders, industrial railway working practices, locomotive dealers and contractors and small lines that did not employ locomotives, as well as book reviews. Each issue also has a letters page, for readers feedback on articles. Although the IRS is a British society and the majority of content is on UK matters, we do also cover overseas industrial railways, and many issues include an article on a foreign subject. However current news items are not usually covered in the magazine, as these are left to the "Bulletin", the IRS members' newsletter.

The "Record" is published four times a year, and distributed to all IRS members with the "Bulletin". The magazine consists of 6.5 x 9 inch pages, well printed on glossy paper, with a two-colour card cover. Articles are well illustrated, and often include maps or track plans. Scale drawings of locomotives and rolling stock are a regular feature. At the moment there are 44 pages + cover per issue.

A full index of volumes 1 - 16 of the 'Record' is available in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format from the Downloads page.

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There are 4 issues per year and the cost of a subscription is 17.00 for 2012 (4 issues), or 32.50 for 2012/2013 (8 issues).

NOTE: A subscription just to the 'Record' only does not confer the privileges of IRS membership.

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Recent issues of the 'Record'

A full listing of the contents of all issues of the "Industrial Railway Record" can be found in the Archives section.
A full index of volumes 1 - 19 of the 'Record' is also available from the Downloads page.
Small 'filler' items and the letters page are not included in the list of contents


No.231 - December 2017 - 5.00

  • Current Rail Operations at Hope Cement Works
  • Harbour Development Works Dept., Palestine
  • Chloride Batteries Factory Visit
  • London Bridge Contract
  • The French Connection
  • Overseas Bulletin Photographs
  • Dixon's Blazes
  • Barford Perkins Locomotives
  • The Fallgate Wagons

No.230 - September 2017 - 5.00

  • The Origins of the Kerr, Stuart MOSS BAY Type
  • Army Department 891
  • Railways at Dartmoor Prison
  • The Calcutta Municipal Railway in 1898 [India]
  • Timber Framed 'V' Tipping Wagons

No.229 - June 2017 - 5.00

  • From Master Builders to Kit Masters
  • Castlemartin Artillery Range
  • "Re Avonside Loco 1763"
  • Spoil at Saville Colliery
  • Military Railways in Iceland
  • Scottish Gas Works' Motor Rails
  • Industrial Railways in Erith & Crayford: 4c. North and West of Erith : Norman Road
  • Industrial Railways in Erith & Crayford: 5. East of Erith : Anchor Bay
  • Anatomy of a Locomotive - Hawthorn Leslie 3584
  • The Schlitteurs of France
  • Longmoor Locomotives

No.228 - March 2017 - 5.00

  • Baguley 774 and the Pennal Tramway
  • The Railways of the Singapore Naval Base - HM Boom Defence Depot, Loyang
  • Avenue Coking Plant
  • Kerr, Stuart 91 in Primrose Yellow
  • Strange Goings On in North Yorkshire
  • Culter Paper Mills' Peckett
  • Industrial Railways in Erith & Crayford: 4b. North and West of Erith : Lines served from Crabtree Sidings

No.227 - December 2016 - 4.75

  • Dorking Locomotives
  • Bilston (Spring Vale) Iron & Steel Works
  • Grube Carl-Alexander, Baesweiler [Germany]
  • Easthouses - Lingerwood Colliery Railway
  • A Mystery Tramway Engine at Chatham
  • Bagnall Diesels for the Ashanti Goldfields [Ghana]
  • Mick Lee and Peckett

No.226 - September 2016 - 4.75

  • Industrial Railways in Erith & Crayford: 4a. North and West of Erith
  • A Cumbria LADY McBETH
  • Munitions Factories Operated by Contractors [UK & USA]
  • Re-emergence of NEWSTEAD
  • Clyde Iron Works Events
  • A Metamorphosis at Vulcan Works
  • IRS AGM 2016
  • The Large Fireless Locomotives of Teesside
  • Some Muir Hill Locomotive Queries

No.225 - June 2016 - 4.75

  • The Phantom Listing
  • A Fowler Fiftieth
  • Christmas Island Railways
  • Stephen Heath: Dealer?
  • Demise of the 'Big K' (Kellingley Colliery)
  • Hudswell Clarke's Larger Industrial Locomotives
  • Peat Developments Ltd

No.224 - March 2016 - 4.75

  • The Kirkless Locomotives
  • Israel Industrial Locomotives in 2015
  • Halesowen Steel Co.Ltd.
  • Geoffrey Horsman 1925-2015 - An Appreciation (Obituary)
  • Battery Electric Locos Underground at Thoresby Colliery - Part 2 1987-2015
  • Logging at Thrunton Crag in the First World War
  • End of Steel Making on Teesside
  • Chattenden & Upnor Railway Locomotives
  • Falmouth Docks

A full listing of the contents of all issues of the "Industrial Railway Record" can be found in the Archives section.

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